California – Laguna Niguel, Del Mar, La Jolla, Riverside, and Temecula

Laguna Niguel

After I got married, my husband and I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel for our mini-moon for a few days before going back to reality. The hotel was very fancy, there were a lot of amenities (pool, beach, tennis courts, basketball court, etc.), the service was great, and we had a wonderful time. We used Marriott points to stay, and then paid to upgrade to the Club Level, which was totally worth it. On the Club Level, they have a personal concierge working, and they have a bartender, with unlimited food and drinks all day. The hotel also gave us special treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, and a really cute eclipse macaroon dessert since we stayed there during the eclipse.






We also got massages at a Thai Massage parlor for a very reasonable price. We wanted to do massages at the Ritz, but they were over $300 per person. The Thai place served us hot lemon grass tea and pineapple afterwards. It was really nice!


Del Mar

The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is a horse racing track located in Del Mar, CA. We spent the day here betting on various horses (ended up winning $9, WOOHOO). A lot of people dress up in fancy dresses, suits, and wear hats; just like at the Kentucky Derby. After the horse races were over, they have free concerts. We happened to go when Ludacris as playing. It was a really fun day!


La Jolla

Mike and I went to La Jolla to go snorkeling with the Leopard Sharks with his friends. There are a bunch of places downtown La Jolla where you can rent snorkel gear. We wanted to rent kayaks, but they were sold out at the time we went. I would recommend booking ahead of time if it is something you really want to do. I only snorkeled for about 20 minutes because I got extremely tired with the waves in the ocean, but Mike and his friends did it for about an hour and they saw so many leopard sharks. They said that they swam only a few feet below you.




I visited Riverside for a client, and I was surprised how cute of a city it was for being so in the middle of no where. Riverside is definitely in the desert; it was SO hot there! Luckily, the buildings definitely all have air conditioning. We ate at the famous The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa multiple nights. The hotel has had very famous visitors such as President Nixon, President Reagan, President Roosevelt, President Kennedy, President Bush, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Houdini, and many more.





Temecula is Southern California’s wine country and mini Napa Valley.


We stayed at the cutest Airbnb called Rusty Fork Ranch. The ranch was built knowing that it would be an Airbnb, and the owners designed the house themselves, and they did not miss anything in the design. It is the perfect modern farmhouse. We stayed in the Cash Suite, which is Johnny Cash themed. The couple lives on site with their two dogs, Magic and Larry; they are black and white Pomeranians.


In the evening, we sat outside with the other guests staying at the ranch, and we all chatted and watched the beautiful sunset.

In the morning, we watched the sunrise outside on their patio and watched the Hot Air Balloons travel across the beautiful wine countryside. It was so peaceful and beautiful.




  • Lorimar Vineyards and Winery: Lorimar Vineyards and Winery is an Italian castle looking Winery with many options of delicious wines to taste. Mike and I joined their wine club, so we both got to taste every wine they were offering.


  • Wilson Creek Winery: This winery is massive, and there were multiple weddings going on when we visited. For those not attending the weddings, they have two tasting rooms, an outdoor bar, plenty of seating, and live music playing. They are known for their frozen rose as well as their almond champagne. I would highly recommend trying both!



  • Avensole Winery Restaurant: We ate at Avensole Winery Restaurant for dinner, and everything we ordered was amazing. They served us our tasting on a really unique serving spindle that reminded me of a Christmas tree; it was really a fun time.


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