Dallas – 2015, 2014, 2013
Deloitte University

Every year for work, I head down to Dallas for training. Deloitte built a conference center down there, where over 1,000 employees stay, and then we have training right there on the facility. The conference center features free food, free Starbucks, unlimited snacks, a free gym, a bar, and many outdoor activities.


Uptown Dallas

In 2015, when I went for new Senior Consultant training, some of my colleagues and I went downtown Dallas for a night to experience Dallas. We went to a live country music bar called the Rustic. I do not really care for country music, but it was so much fun!


El Paso – 2015

I went to El Paso for a week for work, and I was surprising pleasantly pleased with my stay. The city was really nice, and all the people were so friendly. We stayed right downtown next to the El Paso Chihuahua baseball stadium. It was crazy to look over the boarder of Texas and Mexico, and see how many people live in Juarez, Mexico. Juarez has 2.7 Million people, and El Paso only has 700,000.


Cattleman’s Ranch

My coworkers and I went to a ranch in El Paso called Cattleman’s Ranch, and it is where Chuck Norris filmed many movies. The ranch has plenty of live stock, and you can even feed them if you would like. I really liked seeing all of the animals. The ranch also has a restaurant on it, and we all had delicious steaks.



Crave Kitchen

We went here for lunch, and if you like sweet potato fries they have the best fries with this marshmallow dipping sauce. I still dream about these fries. They were so amazing.


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