California – Big Sur

The Big Sur

Prior to when I moved to California, I was in California for 5 weeks for a client, and one of the weekends,Mike and I rented a white convertible 2015 Mustang and drove up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco up the Pacific Coast Highway 1.

I would highly recommend renting a convertible for anyone who wants to do this. One of my favorite parts of the experience was smelling the strong sent of pine, and the fresh ocean mist. We also had an amazing 360 view to take in all the scenery. There were multiple times I would be looking out at the ocean and see whales jumping.

We stopped to watch the whales a few times, and met some nice people along the stops as well. We stopped in little pull off areas, and in cities like Santa Barbra, Big Sur, Caramel, and Monetary. There were so many people stopped at the sites near the camping grounds.

Oh, I can’t forget to mention that during one of the “boring” parts after Santa Barbra through the desert to the Big Sur, there was a slow car in front of us, so I told Mike to pass him. Oh, don’t you know, 30 seconds later we are pulled over by a police officer and he got a speeding ticket… Oops!

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