Vail Ski Resort
Vail is a very beautiful place; it is one of those places that’s beauty will blow you away, literally. I came here with my family for a fun ski and snowboarding trip. The main ski lodge was so amazing; it was exactly like what you would picture in the movies with a huge stone fire place. The resort is a very unique place, with so many different cultures, and people from all around the world. Vail Village has many shopping and dining options. You could come here for the weekend, never step foot on the mountain, and still have a wonderful time.

The Trails
Vail has more than 5,200 acres of developed ski and snowboard terrain and over 193 trails on the mountain. Having only skied or snowboarded in Michigan, this was very overwhelming.

My brother and I both brought our snowboards, and my parents rented ski’s. My parents stayed on the beginner trails, and my brother and I ventured off to the more daring trails.

Instead of getting lessons, my mother and father, the beginners that they are, tried to just take it slow and go down the hills. They accidently started going down a beginner hill that was massive (compared to hills in Michigan), and my mom had to get carried down the rest of the hill on a snowmobile stretcher.

Lesson learned: if you are beginner skier, take ski lessons at Vail, it will help you get the basics down.


The Gondola
The gondola on the mountain was an experience in itself. You keep thinking that you will reach the top of the mountain, and then all of a sudden there is so much more mountain ahead of you. I never thought we were going to reach the top.

One day, my brother and I decided to ride the Gondola to the top, and then snowboard down.


Snow Tubing
Another fun thing to do at Vail is to go snow tubing at Adventure Ridge where you grab a tube, hop a lift, and race down the hill. We had a lot of laughs there, and I can still picture my mom screaming to this day.

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